Room Reservations

SOJC faculty and staff use the following resources below to reserve SOJC meeting spaces, conference rooms, general classrooms and collaborative public spaces inside Allen Hall. Usage fees for non-SOJC requests may be applied in SOJC departmental controlled spaces. Please review the policies for reserving each space.

Small Meeting Spaces

People can reserve the following small meeting spaces themselves. Allen 130, 213, 230, 308, 313 and 332. Allen 229 is dedicated for Franklin faculty office hours only. Go to Reservations can to be made 15 minutes prior. Room information and accessibility is available when reserving.

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Conference Seminar Spaces in Allen Hall

These spaces are also known as the Hall of Achievement (Allen 137), Winter Rm (Allen 211), Allen (307) and Allen 314.  View availability of these spaces online. If available, email request to Include the begin/end times, seminar room, date and purpose.

General Classrooms

Credit requests for general classrooms are coordinated by through the Registrar. Non-credit requests are coordinated by EMU Scheduling, 346.6000. General classrooms in Allen are 101, 140, 141 or 221.  Allen 141 is SOJC controlled after 4 pm and on weekends, email for usage requests during these hours. No food or drinks are allowed in any of the university general classroom spaces.

Collaborative Public Spaces in Allen Hall

Collaborative public spaces in Allen can be reserved. Areas are the Aaron Lounge, Hearth, Atrium and a variety of tables and other areas.  Any collaborative public spaces in Allen should be reserved to prevent usage conflicts and to ensure that appropriate building usage protocols are followed. Email with requests. Include begin/end times, requested location/area, date and purpose.

Scheduling Procedures

Requests for meeting or event space must be made according to the procedures of each room and/or location. The scheduling procedures document is intended to assist in the planning of events in the School of Journalism and Communication. Procedures apply to Allen Hall, George S Turnbull Center in Portland, OR Reality Lab in Portland and 1715 Franklin in Eugene.