Allen Hall is locked after hours. Please use your Prox Card at the card readers located at building entrances. For all support and requests you may email

Allen Hall Hours

  • Fall/Winter/Spring Term Hours
    Mon-Thurs: 7am-10pm
    Fri: 7am-8pm
    Sat-Sun: 7am-6pm
  • Summer Term Hours
    Mon-Fri: 7:30am-6pm

Franklin Hours

  • Fall/Winter/Spring Term Hours
    Mon-Fri: 7am-5:30pm
  • Summer Term Hours
    Mon-Fri: 7:30am-6pm

Break Rooms

All food must be labeled and dated.  Unlabeled and expired food will be removed.  Please do not leave dirty items in the sink and clean up your mess.  Please cover your food and clean up messes in the microwave. Please review the refrigerator guidelines posted on the break room refrigerators.

Bicycle Policy

Bicycles are not allowed inside Allen Hall, White Stag/Turnbull,  or 1715 Franklin. Bike parking is available throughout campus. To purchase a locker or cage, contact the Department of Parking and Transportation.

Building Access with Prox Card

For assistance with 24-hour Prox access to Allen Hall and/or Franklin, please contact

  • All individuals must have codes, no group or shared codes. Send name, room, hours of access, and duration to building manager for individuals, student workers, or students to have term long or longer access.
  • Faculty should frequently remind students in classes needing locked room access that they need to make the request the day before needing the room. Requests made after 4PM or on weekends will likely result in no access.

Confidential Shredding

The confidential shredding container in Allen Hall is located on the 2nd floor, next to room 200. 

Cyclical Cleaning

Periodic cleaning such as carpet, blind, window, and upholstery cleaning will occur on a yearly or every 2-4 years. You will receive an email and given the option to decline this service.  Please be flexible so we can keep the building in top shape.

Display Policy

Posting items on your doors, windows, and walls with clear tape damages surfaces and leaves a residue. We will be providing each office with blue painters tape.  Please affix any items with blue tape only, and replace clear-taped items inside your office with blue tape as soon as you can.  Please see the display guidelines (hyperlink).  If you would like to post anything larger than 8.5” x 11” on your door or large amounts of material, please check in with the building manager.

Emergency Information

In case of emergency, please dial 911 FIRST. Then notify the building manager, your supervisor, and faculty services.

  • We have a dozen CPR/AED trained individuals throughout the building. They will identify themselves when they arrive at an incident.  If you have a student that is in a wheelchair or cannot evacuate by themselves safely, please encourage them to contact the building manager so arrangements can be made.
  • There is an AED (Defibrillator) at the top of the central stairs on the 2nd floor in Allen Hall. The case has safety gloves and a resuscitation mask.

Evacuation Information

Fire alarm drills will occur without notice periodically every 2-3 years, as determined by Fire Safety.  We hope to schedule these in a way that causes minimal class disruption.  However, part of your first week of classes with students should cover the possibility of a real or simulated fire evacuation.  When a fire alarm goes off, the building MUST be evacuated, follow prescribed evacuation routes, and evacuees must stand at least 30 feet from the building after evacuating.

Food/Drink Policy

There is no food allowed in any of the big classrooms, and no food or drink in any of the digital classrooms.

Furniture Guidelines

The building manager is your sole contact for furniture items in your office. Please check in if you want to add large personal items to your office so he/she is aware and can help. Please confer with the building manager when hanging items on the wall. In many cases you can choose to do it yourself, but for safety reasons it is good to check in.  In most cases the building manager will be happy to hang items for you.


The heating/cooling systems rely on controlled airflow through the building, and usually shut off when a window is open nearby. Please remember to close your windows when you leave a room. The building is separated and controlled in zones, so if your room is hot or cold please contact the building manager, who will measure the temperature and open a work order if it is out of specification (70-74 degrees is the goal).  Zones and rooms have sensors that must not be obscured or shrouded to ensure proper function.  Be aware when placing furniture or wall hangings to ensure the sensors are not obscured.


Custodial staff clean the restrooms and public spaces in Allen Hall and Franklin daily. Offices and room trashcans are emptied weekly.  Vacuuming and dusting are done very intermittently.  We can have a student monitor help with cleanup if there is an issue or concern.  Please do not dispose of items that will create an odor in your office or enclosed room, as it may not be removed for up to a week.  Please dispose of perishables in a public area receptacle.

Lost and Found

Located in Faculty Services, Allen Hall 219, 541-346-2134. For technology items, contact SOJC Tech Desk, Allen Hall 319, 541-346-0257


If you run across maintenance issues of any kind such as leaks, lighting issues, or other problems with the building, please notify the Building Manager as soon as possible. Please do not assume it will be noticed by someone else.


Although you can choose to move yourself, the building manager is happy to help you with physical moving, boxes, transport, etc.  In most cases you will already have similar desks and chairs in your new office.  Moving is coordinated by the building manager.


The SOJC generously provides copies of the New York Times on the first floor of Allen Hall every week day Fall-Spring. We also have online access to the e-edition through or email Tamra Gaines at if you need help logging on.  There are special subscription rates for instructors that have NYT as required reading.


Visitors of the SOJC need a temporary parking permit. If you have a guest speaker, you may request a temporary parking permit by providing the Faculty Services Office with the date, time, class, name, and address of visitor. For more information, visit the Department of Parking and Transportation.


Personal recycling boxes can be provided upon request, but you are responsible for taking your recyclables to the bins located on each floor. Cardboard must be carried to the receptacle located behind Friendly Hall. There is a similar dumpster for recyclables on the south south of Franklin.

Pet Policy

OAR 351 states that “to protect public health and safety, the University does not permit animals in its buildings.”  Service animals must have a distinctive garment and the owner must be able to show a permit for the animal upon request.  In extenuating circumstances, the use of a therapy animal may be authorized as an effective accommodation on a case-by-case basis through consultation with and provision on appropriate supporting documentation through Disability Services. For further information please consult “U of O Service Animals on Campus Guidelines.”

Room Reservations

Please use link to Faculty Services for general room reservation tips. When reserving public areas (atrium, hallways, hearth, etc.) please consult with the building manager to assess potential conflicts and configuration possibilities.

Safety Issues

Safety issues such as slippery floors, leaks, trip hazards, broken items, or problem visitors should prompt a call or email to the building manager as soon as possible, to prevent injury and ensure safety. Do not run cords across traffic areas as much as possible.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted on campus.


There is very little storage in Allen Hall. If you have items that need temporary or long term storage, please contact the building manager.