Faculty Services

Faculty Services provides day-to-day support for instructional requests from SOJC faculty and staff. For information needs not addressed below, email Faculty Services at sojcfacultyservices@uoregon.edu or visit Allen Hall 219.

Business Cards

Faculty, staff and GE can request business cards online. GE requests will be forwarded to SOJC Grad office for approval and processing.

Confidential Shredding

The confidential shredding container is located in hallways near Allen Hall 200 or Franklin 157.

Activating Prox Access

When buildings are locked, building access is provided using prox access with your UO ID card. Prox card readers are located at each building entrance. Prox numbers can be found on the back of your UO ID.

To activate access, email Faculty Services your full name as it appears on your UO ID, your ID number and the last five digits that appear on the bottom right corner under the magnetic strip. It takes 5 business days to process requests.

Note:  Hold up your card to the grey Prox reader near the door. A beep will indicate the door has been unlocked. It will lock itself behind you.

Lost and Found

Located in Allen Hall 219, 541-346-2134. For technology items, contact SOJC Tech Desk, Allen Hall 319, 541-346-0257


Mail is delivered to Allen Hall 219 to designated mailbox Monday through Friday. This includes UPS, FedEx, and any other delivered mail or packages. There is no mail delivered to Franklin.

  • USPS deliveries that need a mailing address, use:
    School of Journalism & Communication
    1275 University of Oregon
    Allen Hall 219
    Eugene, OR 97403-1275
  • UPS/FedEx deliveries that need a physical address, use:
    School of Journalism & Communication
    1020 University Street
    Allen Hall 219
    Eugene, OR 97403-1275


Guest visitors can use the visitor parking space located near Allen Hall with a parking tag. Email Faculty Services with date, time, class, visitor’s name to reserve. Info packet and parking tag will be put in requesting faculty’s mailbox. Include your guest mailing address in email, if you want the info packet and tag to be mailed out. Visitors at Franklin have access to three metered spaces.

Printing & Copyrights

Copiers are located in Allen 219, Allen 314A and Franklin 136. You will need a copy code to use a copier. Copy codes are managed by Tami. All copiers can copy (single, double-sided, staple and collate), resize, scan (only Allen 219 colored scan ability) and fax. Instructions are posted by all machines.

If you are unable to print directly to the copier, email support@jcomm.uoregon.edu for setup help. Please keep the number of copies to less that 20 pages.

Faculty Services coordinates all instructional printing and copying requests for class materials. Faculty may place a copy order by emailing your electronic text along with copying instructions, and quantity to Faculty Services. Allow 1 full business day to have request completed.

For printed copies quantities over 100, color, or binding:  Email your electronic text along with copying instructions, and quantity to Faculty Services. Allow 2 full business days to have request completed.

Note:  Due to university regulations, copies made off campus cannot be reimbursed unless there are extenuating circumstances. See Business Office, 6-3550, for more information.

Copyright Clearance Services Information

To ensure that your class packets follow current copyright laws, see: uoprint.uoregon.edu/copyright-clearance


The Faculty Services office in Allen Hall 219 stocks most of the office and stationary supplies for faculty instructional needs. For faculty and staff whose office is in Franklin, a smaller non-staffed office is located in Franklin 136.

For any special supply requests, please contact Faculty Services.