Equipment Checkout Policies

Patrons accept financial and legal responsibility when borrowing and using equipment from the School of Journalism & Communication. The individual on record as reserving the equipment is responsible for the timely return of any and all equipment and parts of equipment. Any damaged or missing equipment can result in the withholding of the grade for the course(s) in which the student is registered. There will also be a charge to that student’s account for the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged or missing item(s).

J-Cage (Allen Hall 113) Hours

  • Fall/Winter/Spring Terms
    The J-Cage/Checkout Room is staffed daily during the following hours:
    Monday – Friday 9am- 6pm
  • Summer Sessions
    The J-Cage/Checkout Room is staffed daily during the following hours:
    Monday – Friday 9am-1pm
  • Interim
    J-Cage and Studios are closed during all interim breaks.


How to Reserve Equipment

SOJC patrons need to reserve resources via the website below before coming to pick up any resources:

IMPORTANT NOTES: Reservations made in WebCheckout assume that items will be picked up within 15 minutes of scheduled pickup time. Failure to pickup items on-time will result in the reservation being cancelled. Checkouts are scheduled for a maximum of 24 hours.

Access to Equipment

All students enrolled in any SOJC course are automatically registered to use the Webcheckout system to reserve equipment. The specific equipment that displays for a given student varies from term-to-term based on which classes they are enrolled in.

  • Equipment Allocation Process
    All equipment in the SOJC equipment library is managed into three different categories: MULTIMEDIA, ALLOCATED, and FACULTY INNOVATION equipment pools.
  • Multimedia Equipment Pool
    This pool of equipment is available to all SOJC students. The Multimedia pool is intended for working on SOJC-sponsored projects, work with SOJC student groups, or other academic productions.
  • Allocated Equipment Pool
    SOJC Faculty work with the SOJC Digital Equipment Manager prior to each new term to set specific equipment aside for SOJC production courses. Only students enrolled in a specific course can reserve that course’s items in WebCheckout. Allocated items are only intended to be used on the course work within the course for which the allocation was made.
  • Faculty Innovation Equipment Pool
    This equipment is for SOJC Faculty for personal research or professional use and/or use with SOJC students on SOJC-sponsored productions. SOJC Faculty are responsible for making reservations, coordinating pickups and returns, and training related to the equipment in the Faculty Innovation equipment pool.


You can log in by entering your UO Information Technology (Computing Center) Duck ID and the corresponding password. For instance, if you have an account (a “Duck ID”) named “jdoe” you would log in with:

Username: jdoe
Password: your password

Do not include the rest of your email address (the “”) in your username. If you don’t have a Duck ID but are a UO student, faculty, or staff member, you can get an account (or find out if you already have one) at  You’ll need your UO ID number to do so.  Or see the instructions at


All checkouts are finalized at the checkout window during regular hours. The patron is responsible for knowing what is checked out to them and for returning all the items in the condition that they left the J-Cage. It is encouraged that the patron tests items immediately after checking them out to ensure that all items are present and in good working order. If the item isn’t in good shape, please return items immediately to obtain a replacement. A receipt of the checkout is emailed once the checkout is finalized. Refer to this receipt for return time.


WebCheckout patrons are required to return all checkout items and accessories no later than the scheduled return time. Patrons will be charged fines for late, lost, or damaged items.

Late charges are $.75/hr. for each item of the checkout up to $10/day.

$10 will be added to your account every day until all the items checked out out are returned. If charges are made, you will be emailed and your Duckweb account will be billed at the end of the current term.

J-Cage Support

Support for Checkout Room/J-Cage via phone at 541-346-4244 or in person at the J-Cage checkout window in Allen Hall, room 113. If this does not result in a satisfactory response please contact the SOJC Digital Equipment Manager, Tom Lundberg at or in person at his office, Allen Hall room 319.